General Questions

Q1: What does affiliate mean? My parents are in a union but I don’t know which one.
A1: The California State Employees Association Foundation affiliates are:

  • ACSS (Association of California State Supervisors)
  • California State Retirees
  • CSUEU (California State University Employees Union)
  • SEIU Local 1000
  • UAW Local 2350

College and University Selection Questions:

Q2: Can I apply if I haven’t received acceptance from universities and/or colleges yet?
A2: Yes. If you are selected as a recipient of a scholarship, we will contact you and get that updated information from you.

Q3: Can I apply if I’m going to graduate school?
A3: Yes.

Q4: Can I apply if I graduated from high school years ago?
A4: Yes.

Q5: I’m a stepchild of a qualifying member, can I apply?
A5: Yes.

Chapter/DLC and Member Numbers Questions:

Q6: My mother is my sponsor and works for a state agency. She is a member of SEIU 1000 but has not found a Chapter or DLC#. Do you know if this applies to SEIU 1000?  She does have a CSEA member ID#.
A6: If she is a member of SEIU Local 1000, she can contact SEIU Local 1000 to confirm her Member ID and DLC# by calling 1-866-488-7248.

Q7: I was a supervisor and retired in June 2020.  I returned as a Retired Annuitant Investigator, not as a supervisor.  Is my child eligible to apply for the scholarship?  Right now, I am not sure if I am still paying ACSS dues or not.
A7: To confirm membership, you should contact the affiliate to confirm your Member ID # and Chapter/DLC#:
          -  SEIU Local 1000 Membership Services – 1-866-488-7248
          -  ACSS, CSUEU & CA State Retiree Membership Services – 916-326-4300

Letters of Recommendation Questions:

Q8: Do I need to send recommendation letters and transcripts in a separately sealed envelope?
A8: Letters of Recommendation and Official Transcripts have to be in a sealed envelope.  They must be included in the application packet.

Q9: Is there a link for the letters of recommendation? One of my sons’ teachers is asking for it but said he would email it to you directly.
A9: Applicants must submit sealed Letters of Recommendation and sealed Official Transcripts with the required scholarship documents by mail directly to the CSEA Foundation at 3000 Advantage Way Suite 130, Sacramento, CA  95834.  The application packet must be post marked no later than the date listed on the application.

Q10: The scholarship application states that the packet requires two letters of recommendation.  However it does not specify if the letter of recommendations should be sealed or not. Would the foundation prefer for applicants to provide sealed letters of recommendation?
A10: Letters of Recommendation must be in a sealed envelope.

Q11: I was wondering what format the letters of recommendation should be in? Can I submit a printed version of a pdf that my recommender sent me, or should they mail the letter to me so I can submit it unopened?
A11: Letters of Recommendation must be sealed originals with a wet signature.

Q12: Would I ask my referee to send me a copy and attach it to my application or do they need to send it directly to the CSEA Foundation through email or mail?
A12: It is best that the Letters of Recommendation be send with your application packet in its entirety.  Should your referee want to submit your Letter of Recommendation separately, please be sure that they reference your first and last name on the sealed envelope when mailing it to CSEA Foundation, 3000 Advantage Way Suite 130, Sacramento, CA  95834.

Transcript Questions:

Q13: Do my transcripts have to be sealed in an envelope? Do they have to be official or can they be unofficial? 
A13: Transcripts must be sealed and must be Official Transcripts.  The Foundation reserves the right to verify all transcripts submitted.

Miscellaneous Questions:

Q14: I am applying for the CSEA scholarship. I wanted to ask if I would receive an email informing me that the foundation has received my application in the mail.
A14: Only those awarded a scholarship will be notified.  Posting of those awarded will also be posted on the CSEA Foundation website.

Q15: Regarding criteria #4 "Summary of any honors received, community service work, participation in extracurricular activities and/ or work experience." Can I include this in the #2 essay portion? Or does #4 have to be a separate document? 
A15: Each section is scored separately; this is the reason it needs to be listed separately.

Q16: My dad was a member of a qualified affiliate but he passed away, can I still apply?
A16: We are sorry for your loss.  Unfortunately, he would no longer a member and therefore, you would not be able to apply.


** Do you have a question that was not answered above? Email your question to foundation@calcsea.org. **